Kensa Utilities

Ambient ground loop array infrastructure funders

Kensa Utilities Fifth Generation District Heating with Ambient Shared Borehole Ground Loop Arrays and Kensa Shoebox heat pumpWho are Kensa Utilities?

Kensa Utilities was established in 2018 as a funding mechanism to support the delivery of fifth generation district heating schemes featuring ambient ground loop array projects delivered by Kensa Contracting, featuring Kensa Heat Pumps’ products.

What does Kensa Utilities do?

Kensa Utilities funds, owns, and maintains ambient ground loop arrays that serve Kensa ground source heat pump installations. By utilising subsidy support Kensa Utilities is able to provide the ambient ground loop array assets at zero cost to house builders and social landlords.

Why do we do what we do?

Government, and all at the Kensa Group, believe that the mass adoption of ground source heat pumps will play a major role in the UK achieving its zero carbon targets. By Kensa Utilities removing the cost of the ground array from developers, the cost of a ground source heat pump becomes lower than an air source heat pump or any other heating system, enabling them to compete – and win – on merit and cost.

Coupled with their unique benefits, thanks to funded ambient ground arrays, ground source heat pumps have now emerged as the best heating solution, offering a significant opportunity for a post-gas era UK to enjoy low-carbon and low-cost heating with a long-lasting and safe infrastructure.

What makes Kensa Utilities different?

Kensa Utilities is the only ambient ground loop array asset funder and owner on the market; like Kensa Heat Pumps and Kensa Contracting, Kensa Utilities are pioneers of the ground source heat pump industry and low carbon economy.