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Kensa Contracting Fifth Generation District Heating with Ambient Shared Borehole Ground Loop Arrays and Kensa Shoebox heat pumpWho are Kensa Contracting?

Borne out of the realisation that the large-scale deployment of ground source heat pumps in existing social housing will significantly address fuel poverty and carbon reduction targets, Kensa Contracting has grown to become the UK’s specialist delivery partner for fifth generation district heating schemes featuring shared ground loop arrays and ground source heat pumps.

What do Kensa Contracting do?

Handling larger installation programmes of commercial buildings and multiple domestic properties from streets to whole estates, Kensa Contracting facilitates these projects by partnering with existing framework contractors whilst taking care of the design, specification, project management, householder liaison, specialist sub-contractor supervision, equipment supply, commissioning, and support with access to subsidies.

Why do we do what we do?

Kensa Contracting is continually innovating the design and application of ground source heat pumps to aid the UKs transition to the electrification and decarbonisation of heat.

Pioneers of Ambient Shared Ground Loop Arrays (SGLAs), Kensa Contracting delivers proven, robust and reliable systems from simple tried-and-tested to ambitious and innovative applications.

What makes Kensa Contracting different?

Offering a unique turnkey package and flexible contractual solutions, Kensa Contracting is the UK’s first specialist delivery partner for mass ground source heat pump installations. Kensa Contracting is renowned for its innovative and multi-award winning Ambient Shared Ground Loop Array projects deployed in social housing retrofits and social and private new build developments.

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